We want to help you put your store on auto-pilot.
To make it easy for you to manage your store on the go.

Easy to manage

Put your business on auto-pilot.

This system is set up so you can put a lot of you day-to-day tasks on autopilot.

  • Automatically check your store for product updates.

  • Add new products, change prices, delete discontinued products.

  • Program your featured products to match the buying season. Set-it and forget-it.


Know what’s going on in your store.

Easy to manage

Unique visitors, orders, etc.

Our built in reports give you a wealth of information. See daily, weekly or monthly snapshots of your orders, income, coupons used, top customers and top products.

Easy to manage

Best sellers

See your best-selling products right on your dashboard. This helps you see what the trends are and move featured products to where people will see them.

Easy to manage

Built-in Google analytics

Google Analytics is integrated with your store Simply sign-up for your account and add your code to your site (we can help).

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