Our stores are built to keep search engines happy and bring maximum traffic to your store. All part of the package.

Rank high in search

Built in SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) gives you higher search rankings, meaning more free traffic to your store.
When you add a product the system automatically generates the files search engines need. Custom URLs, titles, image alt tags and search engine friendly links all created automatically.

Built-in Google Maps

If you have a local store, one of the fastest ways to get on the front page of Google is to list  your store on Google Maps. Our built in Google maps lets you create a map to your store and publish it on any page you want.

Rank high in search

Rank high in search

Advanced SEO tools

Every page gives you the option to customize the meta-tags. These include custom descriptions, keywords and titles. The more you tell the search engines about your store the better the results.

Rank high in search

Auto generated sitemaps

Our automatically generated sitemaps tell the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing what products and pages you have in your store. You can also list your store with  Moz to harness the power of the internet, improve your search ranking and get automatic status reports. All for free.

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