Great marketing is the secret to a successful store, and we have built-in marketing tools to make your job easier.

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Promotion tools and Coupons

Promotion tools help create urgency, increase awareness and drive sales.

  • Add time-limited promotional banners.

  • Create your own coupons,

  • Create offers and  discounts,

  • Offer free shipping.

Convert Visitors to Customers.

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Product reviews.

User reviews build trust, and trust increases sales. Product reviews are built into your store with no extra costs or add-ons required.

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Add to Cart -

without leaving the page. You don’t want to annoy your buyers by taking them from the page their on just to show them the cart. That’s why we instantly add your products to their cart without any distractions.

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One Page Checkout

More sales are lost and carts abandoned with some complicated checkout process. That’s why we focus on a single, one-page checkout. The fewer hurdles the more sales.

Email Marketing

As old school as it sounds, email marketing is still king. In a recent survey they found that for every dollar you spend on email marketing you get back $44.25 in sales.

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Multiple Email Accounts

Every email you send is an ad for your company. A signature file at the bottom lets everyone know you are in business and proud of it. We give you 10 email accounts to use as you like. Give emails to your family. Set up emails for different departments in your company, shipping, support, customer service, Head Kahuna, whatever you like.

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Newsletters and Special Offers

Add customers to your Mailchimp email lists to put your email marketing on autopilot. You can set up automatic emails to promote products based on purchase history. Auto-send emails with holiday coupons and gift ideas to encourage regular traffic.

Turn your store into an “authority” site

Blogging Platform

The search engines look for “authority” sites. Websites that offer quality information and attract clients. A1 Promart includes a full website blogging platform to help you get involved with your customers and improve your position on the search engines.

Not everyone is comfortable with writing articles so we have a lot of writers that are willing to write for you for a very reasonable fee. Let us know and we will be glad to put you in touch
with them.

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