Your security and the security of your clients is critical.

Solid security

Clef - Military grade Security

Just using a password doesn’t work anymore. You need more. It’s called two-factor authentication, something personal that no one else has; something like your mobile phone. You simply download the app, go to your store admin, click the log-in button and your phone verifies it is you. No hacker from China or anywhere else can log into your store.

  • 2048-bit RSA keys encryption it take billions of years
    to crack.

  • No more usernames. - No more passwords.

  • Connect to your store using OAuth 2.0.

Secure Credit Card transactions for your customers.

PCI security

Once you select your payment gateway, all credit card transactions  will meet stringent PCI security standards. This is the highest level of security available so you and your customers know their transactions are safe.

Solid security

You don’t have to worry about losing your store’s important data

Automatic  backups and daily virus scans

We back up your store automatically for you — including orders, products, photos and customer records.
Every night we run top of the line virus and malware scans to keep your store safe.

We also use Google Safe Browsing that help protect you from malware and phishing content.

A1 Promart is a true all-in-one e-commerce platform.

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